Welch Allyn 3.5v Diagnostic Sets with Hard Case AM-75-97120

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Vital Signs & Diagnostics

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An excellent choice for general physical performance diagnostics. Otoscope feature our exclusive Halogen NRHI & # 8482; Lamp providing a brighter, whiter light than conventional halogen lamps for true tissue color and long-lasting coverage. Built for durability, ease of use and comfort, these tools will provide you with lasting satisfaction.
3.5V Ophthalmoscope providing good views and values. Features 28 lenses, and standard 6 holes. 3.5V Ultra-sealed pneumatic otoscope with fiber optics to the cold light for precise and comfortable examinations. 3.5V Straight connector in the handle, with a knurled finish chrome-plated brass, has a long rechargeable NiCad battery. The handle makes all heads 3.5V Welch Allyn.

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