Translucent Slide Boxes 100-Place Translucent Slide Box ,1 Each

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A new generation of safe, convenient slide numbering storage

  • Rail provides a secure fit for facilitating the slide of placement and removal
  • In the center is the location of the grid allows convenient organization of the slides and view the location number
  • Durable, stainless steel ABS and polypropylene
  • sliding lock with easily identifiable lock and unlock characters
  • removable, replaceable inventory cards
  • The hinged lid gradually opens 180 °
  • The bottom of box lined with EVA foam to securely hold and protect the slides
  • Multiple color options are optimal for color-coding
  • Wave texture on the surface easy to hold for additional safety
  • storage Party may be used to store the pen, desiccant, or other small item
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