Switch Sticks Replacement Wrist Straps AM-512-2001-0003

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Walking and Mobility Aids

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  • Add style and comfort to your stick, adding this handy strap
  • Helps you to more easily grab the stick or hang on your wrist when you need two hands
  • In addition, you can easily hang up the phone when not in use
  • Select one of the colors of the rainbow to suit your personal style
  • Works with a reed switch sticks or other standard size of canes
  • Can be attached to most of the canes
  • to mix and match colors to create an individual look
  • 11 X .75 X .25 inches
  • UPC 041298200352; 041298200376; 041298200383; 041298200390; 041298200406; 041298200413; 041298200420; 041298200437

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