Stein's Super Moleskin Roll, 1.5" x 25 Yards AM-765-5000-0000

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Foot Care

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  • Entrust your legs to the experts in the products of foot care for more than 80 years!
  • Innovation felt Stein created the most unique, special mixed materials, making them reliable and durable.
  • Our Universal moleskin products come in various sizes and pre-cut rolls and is perfect for hot spots in any area of ??the foot.
  • We also specialize in foam, insoles and pads, made of high quality materials.
  • Trust podiatrists since 1929 member of the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA)
  • Rollers are both adhesive and non-adhesive styles. They provide an excellent seal and protect against ulcers, friction and other painful foot conditions. They are flexible, can be cut to any size or shape to fit. Most are color-coded for easy identification thickness: Pink - 1/8 ", white - 1/4", Flesh - 1/16 "and 3/16".
  • Pre-cut pads easy to peel and provide protection against pressure sores and fiction in the sensitive areas.
  • Soft tissue replacement pillow form through the scar tissue and the transfer of losses, duplicating the feeling of soft tissue. Use directly on foot, by casts, orthopedic or over the post-op shoes.
  • Non-adhesive felt pound sold. Glue and foam felts 100 sold in a package.
  • Stein Knit adhesive cover makes a perfect breathability, light postoperative bandage or cover for other pads. It will not let wet or leave residue. Cut to size and prep the skin before applying the alcohol.
  • Moleskin rolls, pads and straps are exceptional friction reducers. Moleskin is the most widely used material in DPM.
  • Toe separators and foam tube to help align and protect the toes to relieve the pressure and friction.
  • WonderSpur orthopedic double density for maximum support and cushioning. Clear silicone design with a soft color density insert provides additional relief to sensitive areas.
  • SILIPOS digital cap is fully lined with a gel of mineral oil for all around the digital protection and can be cut to the desired size.
  • diabetic foot syndrome and orthopedic insole made of patented material layer 3 which has the softness of the flesh to protect the sensitive skin.
  • contour pillows decorative inserts are shaped to fit the contours of the foot, providing support and a perfect balance. 1/8 "thickness.

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