S-Monovette Serum with Clot Activator 4.5mL • 11 x 92mm ,500 Per Pack

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coagulation clotting activator Allows to 30 minutes in

  • contains beads coated with silicate clotting activator, which allows blood clotting after 20-30 minutes
  • beads form a layer between the serum and clot by centrifugation
  • Able as a traditional vacuum and draw aspiration needle (syringe)
  • speed reduction of hemolysis and waste sample repetition time
  • Attach tube directly into the property owner; discontinue the use of bulky holders of traditional needles
  • Configuration Analyzer becomes easier with the support
  • Ideal for thin or weak veins draws, as well as a pediatric blood collection
  • to reduce your the number of butterflies draws
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