S-Monovette Serum-Gel with Clot Activator 2.6mL • 13 x 65mm ,500 Per Pack

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easy, efficient, cost-conscious coagulation activator / serum

  • Contains gel ester of polyacrylic acid that forms a stable separating layer between clot and serum
  • also contains beads coated silicate clotting activator
  • Gel forms a stable separating layer, which serves as a barrier during the sample transportation and storage
  • recommended storage conditions retains most of the parameters are stable up to 48 hours
  • used for conventional vacuum needle draws and aspiration (syringes)
  • time savings by reducing hemolysis and sampling repetition rate
  • Attach tube directly to the holder
  • Provided support makes analyzer configuration easily
  • Ideal for thin or weak veins draws and pediatric blood collection
  • Reduces quantitative draws in butterflies
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