PRO Catheterization Simulators Female ,1 Each

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Main catheterization Simulators

  • Anatomical realistic pelvic structure for the demonstration, practice, and assessment catheterizations bladder
  • The sponge in the domestic prevents the accumulation of moisture
  • Realistic resistance and immersion depth during installation and removal of the catheter into the bladder
  • Liquids ended when the catheter is properly installed (recommended for use with water)
  • is designed for use with 12, 14 or 16FR catheters
  • allows students to practice the necessary gestures catheterization with movable prepuce and the labia and stretching the penis
  • Clear the bubble makes it easy to check the catheter
  • the abdominal wall can be removed for ease of viewing
  • Includes suprapublic catheter
  • Magnetic connectors allow for quick,
  • convenient installation and removal

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