Preventing Urinary Tract Infections in Long-Term Care AM-4940

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Prevention of urinary tract infections Long-Term Care SPAN> I> provides a one stop shop to address the unique challenges in preventing UTIs Today, long-term healthcare environment. While the highest levels of patient Care is always the beginning of mind for hospitals, issues related to the IMP may have additional implications for cost recovery and revenue
Each chapter in this manual combines field experience of two experienced professionals in the field of health for the supply of evidence-based knowledge and personal experience, helping suppliers to determine cause and effect develop competency-based training and implementation of effective prevention of UTIs . Program
Under the Patient-Driven model of payment, SPAN> failure to prevent UTI in SNF will not only impact quality measure related to Value-Based Procurement Program, as well as directions, made Medicare Advantage plans, but expensive IMP therapy such as antibiotics or intravenous therapy will not be separately reimbursable
Use this valuable resource in your long-term care facilities to help nursing staff to fully understand the criteria revealing the true UTI and implement evidence-based practice UTI . Preventing
This book will help readers: SPAN>

· SPAN> SPAN> Understand the effects of UTI Survey care O: p> SPAN> SPAN>

· SPAN> SPAN> Enlighten residents on the prevention of UTIs and to involve them in the prevention program O: p> SPAN> SPAN>

· SPAN> SPAN> Implement competency-based training for the prevention O: p> SPAN> SPAN>

· SPAN> SPAN> Explain the impact that UTI resident outcomes and do business for UTI Prevention O: P> SPAN> SPAN>

· SPAN> SPAN> Improve tracking, trend analysis and audit methods of infection control survey compliance and quality measures O: p> SPAN> SPAN>

· SPAN> SPAN> SPAN> Use a wide range of customizable tools, including checklists, policies, procedures, and criteria McGeer, to determine the true infection SPAN> SPAN>
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    Published: May 2019
    page count: 160
    ISBN: 978-1-68308-884-4 SPAN>

    Authors: SPAN> Jennifer Lane, BSN, RN, DON; SPAN> Diana Hislop, BSN, RN SPAN>

    Content h3>

    Chapter 1: B> With regard to the prevention of the current Environmental Health

    Chapter 2: B> The methods of observation

    Chapter 3: B> Evidence-Based Practice for CAUTI

    Chapter 4: B> Engaging leaders in the prevention of UTI effort

    Chapter 5: B> Team Building UTI Prevention

    Chapter 6: B> to prevent the implementation of the program from UTI Frontline employees

    Chapter 7: B> Competence-Based Training for the prevention of UTIs

    Chapter 8: B> Audit UTI Preventive practices

    Chapter 9: B> The use of the test-of-Change Model Implement UTI Prevention

    Chapter 10: B> The involvement of citizens in the prevention of UTI

    Chapter 11: B> Strategy Sustain UTI Prevention

    Chapter 12: B> Review of compliance: Tools and strategies for continuing IMPA Care Compliance Program

    Chapter 13: B> How IMP and catheters Quality Impact Measures


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