Mabis Spectrum Series Nurse Stethoscopes AM-10-428-080

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  • This is an affordable basic care stethoscope is available in different attractive colors to match your style. It is perfect for use at home too. Listen to your baby's heartbeat for transparent sound stethoscope.
  • It is equipped with chrome-plated brass binaural and lightweight anodized aluminum bib
  • Stethoscope comes with a pair of mushrooms tips of the ears, a spare membrane and a lifetime limited warranty
  • Y-tube made of vinyl and measures 22 inches
  • Total length: 30 inches
  • Chrome-plated brass binaural and anodized aluminum bib
  • A pair of mushrooms tips of the ears
  • Replacement diaphragm
  • Vinyl Y-tube measuring 22 inches
  • Total length: 30 inches
  • The term of your limited warranty
  • UPC: 767056428010; 767056428027; 767056428058; 767056428089; 767056428133; 767056428256

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