Weighing Kit w/ Class II Scale, 220g, Internal Calibration H-19024-15347

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  • Easy to use - All-in-one weighty sets combine the accuracy and efficiency to simplify your fill a prescription and weight routineInternal calibration eliminates the need for extra weights li>
  • Fast results -Made with the highest quality precision electromagnetic load cell and 32-bit processor, which provides fast and accurate results li>
  • Auto Calibration - Time saving and ensure the accuracy of automatic calibration during startup, every two hours, or with changing temperature (1 ° C) as determined by the user li>
  • accuracy - Extended function Pill Counting Accuracy (APA), which quickly and effectively regulates the change of weight of the tablet li>
  • Detects Fragments -Pill Fragment Detection (PFD) is working with the AAP and identify possible fragments chipped tablets or tablet for better performance and results li>
  • Collect & ampThese tracks - transmission data such as counting operations performed tablets in digital form on a PC using the accompanying software li>
  • backlit LCD display -offers high contrast and a clear resultvisibility li>
  • Min / Max Power: b> 20mg - 220g li>
  • The sealed front panel - It protects the scale from accidental spills and dust li>
  • Easy Alignment - Use the three-point alignment system with fixed leg in the back and two adjustable front legs li>
  • IntegratedProject ring -Helps Dismiss general air traffic li>
  • compact -is ideal for areas with limited counter space li>
  • The size and power; Calibration parameters - NTEP certified for counting pills and prescription use in all 50 states in the US li>
  • Features RS232 interface; power indicator; LED automatic zero (AZSM); initial zero marker (IZSM); steel and stainless steel panResolution 0,001 li>
  • kit includes:
    - 19019 Class II Pharmacia scale 220g Internal calibration
    - 11022 5cc measurement cutworm (in multiples of 100)
    - 3421 Small antistatic Weighing Canoes (100 per pack)
    - 3422 Medium Anti-Static Weighing Canoes (100 per pack)
    - 3423 Grand-static weighing (100 Canoeing in the package) for sale - 11112 powder brush
    - 3028 6stainless steel spatula
    - 3093 rubber spatula li>
  • Size: 7W x H x 11D li>
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