Sterile Preprinted Labels H-16070-13710

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  • Available in a bag of 20/300 pouches per boxSpecify Customer Service Team of the other box labeled amount of shares li>
  • Note the hospital and ambulatory surgical centers! You compliant since 2004Patient safety standards of the Joint Commission?
    To reduce the risk of medication errors,All drugs in the sterile area must be properly labeled This includes the drugs contained in the solution bowls, cups and medical syringes li>
  • Prevent medication errors by these shares or specially made sterile labels to identify all medications correctly li>
  • The easiest and most cost-effective approach to the labeling of medicinal products in the sterile field! At present time the nurses do their own labels with STERI-strips and marker or label printing on inkjet printers laser / and sterilize them in the houseIt is expensive and the ink bleeds / wicks on STERI-strips makes writing is illegible li>
  • Latex free li>
  • Options! Available pre-printed in color or black and white general surgery drugs workpiece or printedBlank 10 available labels bag preprinted 10 or 20 into a bag, and printed labels 20 in the bag li>
  • Blank labels require the use of a sterile marker li>
  • packaged in Tyvek bags for long term storage (identified with numbers lot) li>
  • Gamma radiated li>
  • Label Size :1-9 / 16W x 1/ H
    (40mm x 13mm) li>
  • We chose the 16 most frequently used drugs and surgery are printed two types of labels with their names

    # 16070 Colored Pre-printed and 16071 Black & amp; White Pre-printed labels SterileEach bag contains 16 of pre-printed labels and 4 blank white medication labels a total of 20 labels per bagAvailable in a box of 300 bags

    # 16072 Colored Pre-printed and 16073 Black & ampPre Sterile White printed labels pre-printed with the 8 most commonly used surgical preparations and include two clean white labels, the labels 10 to make a bagAvailable 300 pouches per box

    # 16079 Blank Label white sterile package contains 10 blank white label in the bag, which can be written on with a marker sterile


    design your own labels B>

  • We can print the exact number of labels
    (up to 20) you would normally useWhere additional labels are required for solutions bowls or cups of health, you can have multiples of the same labels are madeBlank or colored marks can be included at no extra chargeMinimum order 1 box of 300 bags li>
  • What can be standard label for someone else may be useless for your objectWith this in mind, we propose to develop their own labels to best suit your operating needs li>
  • Low minimum order! Order only one box of 300 bags; to 20 labels per bag li>
  • No setup fees! li>
  • Labels avoid the need to write on the blank labelsThis will help prevent medication errors and losses when you can not read, or incorrect reading, foreign handwriting li>
  • A maximum of 25 characters on the labelIt covers the recommended common name of the drug and the dose of the drug li>
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