Steri-Tamp Bag Port Seals

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Bag Port Seals

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Total strong> - 1,000 per roll

  • Sterile barrier strong> - Supports 100% sterile barrier when applied correctly
  • Single Use strong. > - Remove leaves printed "ajar" warning and can not be restored
  • Refrigerator Safe strong> - .. Seals save grip when refrigerated or frozen in cold storage conditions, drugs
  • < li> USP & l; 797 & GT; Friendly strong> - The seals are lint-free plastic liner and packaged in a plastic clamshell container dispenser that does not shed particles
  • tamperproof -. Port Cover foil for visible evidence of puncture and to ensure the integrity of the IV bag from preparation to administration
  • Color Options strong> -. Blue or red. Specify color when ordering.
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