Stat Temp™ Data Logger, Room and Air Humidity Sensor H-21002-12965

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Humidity and Temperature Loggers

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  • Logging data -Mobile friendly, Wi-Fi enabled temperature monitor offers an unlimited number of readings at the desired rate registration every minute to every 30 minutes li>
  • Monitors operate with networks 2,4 GHz WiFi only EM> li>
  • Set-Up -When connected to Wi-Fi, the device can be added to the site Temp Stat and the sensor will be displayed on the user portal when connected to a monitor li>
  • Reports -Cloud storage on the database gives you access to instant reporting process, compliance orinspection li>
  • no tariffs - There are no subscription fees Stat Temp li>
  • No Limits -Members have unlimited cloud storage and can have any number of Stat Temp monitors associated with their portal li>
  • Internet portals - The creation of portals on the web site Temp Stat for locationsview all the devices under the control of, or sorting to show less or only by location li>
  • Permissions - Set user permissions based on roles or changes li>
  • < strong> alerts - Configuring the real-time and alerts the user via text, email or phone call with a positive confirmation of the decisionsExample: Call Kelvin, Fred and Cindy M-F, 8 am to 5 pm; by e-mail and text Annie Tim M-F, 5 pm-8am li>
  • Power supplies - used throughout the connector that plugs into the same outlet as the cooling deviceno battery change out li>
  • Loss of power -backup three-day batteries li>
  • Min / Max Log - provides min / max data for the last 24 hours li>
  • CDC Compliant - < / sTRONG> Yes li>
  • The temperature range - -50 ° C to 50 ° c (-58 ° F to 122 ° F) li>
  • sensor parameters - Includes one room temperature sensor and humidityglycol two sensorsSingle Sensor (21000) and (21002) models are also available li>
  • Includes -monitor sensor and the free use of stat-tempo li>
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