Security Bags for Full-Size Crash Cart Boxes, 29 x 20

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Security Bags for Crash Cart Boxes

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Number b> - 20 in the package

  • Tamper Evident strong> - Bags to protect the contents of the basket crash box and keep the exchange unreliable box. A tear in the bag by the Decree on previous emergency or possible theft
  • Quick Indexing strong> - .. In
  • code situations bags open easily and quickly tore the highlighted perforations
  • color code strong> -. Bags Colored safety would crash basket box be the color of the departments, the types of materials and types of patients
  • Perforation strong> - Two perforation, 1 center, 1 end
  • color settings b> - blue or red. Specify color when ordering
  • The thickness of the - strong> 2 mil
  • Dimensions :. strong> 29 "W x 20" H
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