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  • Safe disposal strong> - Lockable, mobile cart removal of drugs & NBSP; allowing users to safely and efficiently dispose of used products, IV bags and other products for the care of the patient safety drop box-type and convenience li. >
  • Material strong> - melamine
  • The strong> Time - 5 business days
  • Security strong> - key lock with two keys. Carts are designed differently. Other features transcoding can be turned to our group resources (ext: 1252) other options for blocking
  • Building strong>:
    - Drawer with deflector .. Once the drugs used and supplies of waste fall into the hopper below, they can only be accessed by authorized personnel
    -. The court assembled
  • Wheels strong> - two swivel lock, two fixed
  • Colors strong>: Arctic Groovz, beige, cherry, gray, mahogany, maple, oak, pine and white Pewter. Specify when ordering EM>
  • Handle Options strong> :. Tow bar, Modern Trailer, Crescent Trailer, Box Push and pull the wire. Specify when ordering EM>.
  • Tap Product Information icon below to view the Finish colors and pen settings. EM>
  • This truck will be delivered truck! EM> strong>
  •  warning strong> -
  • Sizes strong>: 18¼ "W x 41½" H x 23½ "D
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