SaniSpray HP™ 20 Disinfectant Sprayer H-20509-13446

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  • Quicker number Turnover -Manual 120-volt airless sprayer with a cord provides a complete, consistent chemical coating environmentally cleaner less time than conventional methods sanitize li>
  • Fast Application - spray in any direction, even upside down Tips can be interchanged to change the size of the drops and meet the required holding time li>
  • More
    Maximum Flow - 20 ozminute
    Particle size - Fine mist coarse spray
    PSI - Adjustable 0-1000 PSI
    Weight - 12 lbs li>
  • Include -Five 4 ozfilling cups, three spray nozzles, one 15expansion inches spray and storage bag li>
  • compatible active ingredients - aldehydes, phenols, quaternary ammonium compounds, sodium hypochlorite (bleach), peroxyaceticacid, hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorite flammable or combustible material, such as ethyl alcohol or isopropanyl, should not be used li>
  • Note - consult with the manufacturer of the material for spray confirming and hardware compatibility li>
  • cancer and reproductive disorders - WWW 65Warningsaov li>
  • Sizes - 13W x 1 x 8H D li>
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