Lock & Locate Box, Small, Key Lock H-18670-20257

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  • Secure drug delivery - Never again lose an expensive drug when it is delivered! Lock the drug into the lock and power; Find a box, put it, and lock it in a secure reception base located on the blockThe box can only be removed by an authorized pharmacy staff with a key li>
  • Five steps to make it easy to find and lock on the drug unit :
    1Clean surface and remove the protective film from the host database
    2Place the base in the preparation of a wall bracket or on the table, basket or top shelves
    3Press firmly for a few seconds to securing the base Preparation
    4Insert Box in the host database
    5To remove the box must be unlockedPull the white button in the middle of the lock body li>
  • Also available keyless digital lock and remote code lock li>
  • The patent number 8967423 b> li>
  • Getting base (# /// ? defaultspx page = item% 20detail & amp; itemcode = 18673 & amp; _ga = 18297594 2112128815,1422540976> 18673 ) and wall mount b> ( 18674 ) commercially available b> li>
  • li>
  • Sizes ul>: 6W x x 2¾D li>?
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