HCL Keyless Room Cabinet H-3787-12135

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Wall Mounted Cabinets

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  • Security - Keyless entry closet provides an affordable way to secure the patient's medication, personal effects and eliminates the daily use to enter key li>
  • Bustle Free - electronic key lock is easy to program and change as needed li>
  • Reliable operation -Security and power status is indicated by LEDs with feedback buzzer for each operation li>
  • Backup Access - Two keys are supplied to open the cabinet in the event of failure the battery output(Replacement keys are not available Override button must be kept in a safe place, as they are necessary for access to the cabinet when the battery dies without lock key EM> li>
  • Battery -Batteries Four AA batteries included li>
  • Mount Option - drill holes for fastening li>
  • Dimensions ul>: 13¾x 9 W H x 9D li>?
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