HCL HCL Pump Cover for MedFusion 4000, Open Face KEDL H-20124-13855

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IV Locking Boxes

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  • Security Drug -Provide MedFusion pump to the IV pole and protect the device and its filled syringe from unauthorized access or interference, particularly in pediatric settings li>
  • Better Patient Safety - limiting access to the pump content, patients with large likely to get the right dose at the right timeIn turn, patients satisfaction and recovery rates are going up li>
  • Smart Design -Clear PETG Sturdy construction keeps the pump visible at all times li>
  • KeyboardAccess - Open design provides easy access to unlock the keyboard without removing the pump cover or li>
  • Compatibility -Will only work with a pump MedFusion 4000 li>
  • US Patent # D885,441 B> li>
  • Sizes - 16W x 9 11 SUP> 16 sPAN> font>x 10 D li>?
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