HCL Full Size Drawer Organizing Divider Kit H-11040-16184

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  • Custom -Measurement, Evaluation and break the seals to the required length li>
  • Use Anywhere - holders to minimize sliding and bendingAdhesive base allows them to stay anywhere in the basket drawers, storage cabinets drawers or boxes li>
  • Settings Size -Separation Kits are available in four heights before planting shallow and deep crates and boxes 1H, 2 'H, 3' H and HAvailable in Clear or White li>
  • What included - and 16 holders with self-adhesive tape kits include 4-splitter strip 24 comprises a set of H holders 20
  • Full size Splitter Kit includes - 4 - & NBSP ;? 1 13 SUP> 16 SPAN> font>H x 23 L corrugated strips 3 -2H x 2 L and dividing the strip holders 8 li>
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