HCL ENFit Syringes, 5mL, Pack H-19800-14334

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  • Increase patient safety - easy transition to ISO 80369-3 according to ENFit syringes that are used with ENFit feeding tubes to improve patient safetyIn accordance with the recommendations ISMP, the use of specific enteral feeding syringe preventing incorrect connections li>
  • Preventing incorrect connections -Tip ENFit requires rotational movement to connectThis new design is only suitable for enteral devices to help prevent incorrect connections and meet the standard ISO li>
  • Universal -Women Tips compatible for enteral administration, including feeding bolus, washing, moisturizing, aspiration, and the remnants of drug administrationIncludes protector covers the tip li>
  • Easy to read - The syringes are 1 ml graduated markings to help improve li>
  • dosing accuracy Using Immediately < / STRONG> - Transition socket adapter orChristmas tre to bridge the gap until your subject is not ready to switch to ENFit system in accordance with the recommendations of the new ISO 80369-3 standardIs connected to a syringe ENFit and it allows you to connect to li>
  • sets supply the old tube type Packaging - 100 per pack60 ml / 90 in multiples li>
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