HCL Electronic Time and Date Recorder H-17223-15123

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  • Fine Paperwork - Side-printing, password protected time recorder, time stamp or numbering machine retains the exact time and date of recording li>
  • Battery - One-time installation for the month, date and timeBuilt-in backup battery prevents crashes li>
  • Universal - More than 300 print and press the left or right configurations li>
  • The time the Presets - 13 Seven Languages ??predefined messages available for the time classification li>
  • -English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Numeric li>
  • early / late Indicators -I-Mark identifies early and late punches li>
  • Simple to cartridge - Includes snap the ribbon cartridgeReplacement cartridges are available in black li>
  • Easy installation -Includes a holder li>
  • Power - Includes power adapter - AC 120V, 50/60 Hz; backup battery li>
  • Sizes - 6W x 8 5 the SUP> 16 sPAN> font>H x 6 15 SUP> 16 SPAN> font>D li>
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