HCL Easy Read Vial Set, One-Third Size H-18832-12782

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Vial Accessories

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  • Universal - Using the Easy Read bulb Grippers organize ampoules and keep them safe from rolling li>
  • Angle View -Easy Read bulb Stand fits inside Crash Cart Box hold bottles, vials and syringes at an angle so the labels are easy to read li>
  • Gripper sizes - Small Grippers are ideal for 13mm capsAverage Grippers are ideal for 20mm caps li>
  • Stand Options
    - one-third of the comb Crash Cart Box (3150)
    - Half-size fits Crash Cart Box (3131 )
    - Full-size fits Crash Cart Box (1814)Boxes are sold separately li>
  • Material - White & NBSP ;Polystyrene, clean with soap and water li>
  • A third size - SetIt includes Vial Stand with two small and two medium blue gripsStands and clamps are also available separately li>
  • Vial Stand Patent number Bed and> 9622941
    Vial Grippers Patent # B> 9907727 & amp; 10342736 li>
  • Sizes -? 6W x 1 5 SUP> 16 SPAN> font x 2¾D li>
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