HCL Double Door Locking Wall Cabinet, Key Lock, Clear H-20458-16429

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Wall Mounted Cabinets

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  • Securely store - Double locking compartments keyed differently, allow users to separate medications for each patient, used by different agenciesIdeal for use in the recovery areas, respiratory areas and wards that require the safe storage of drugs li>
  • Chemically resistant - The resin material in Clear or Frosted provides exceptional chemical resistance and increased durabilityDesigned to stand up to rigorous cleaning with harsh chemicals li>
  • Upgraded Hardware - Integrated hinge door provide reliable support and durability for long life li>
  • block settings - Available with lock Digital lock (KEDL) or key lockContact the resource group for more options li>
  • cancer and reproductive disorders - WWW 65Warningsaov li>
  • Sizes:
    top - 8½W x 8 13 SUP> 16 sPAN> font>H x 3 13 / SUP> 16 sPAN> font>D
    lower compartment - 8 x W x 3¼ 3 13 SUP> 16 sPAN> font D
    overall - 9W x 1 H x 4 3 SUP>? 16 sPAN> font D li>
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