HCL Deterra Drug Disposal Pouches, X-Large, Case H-19849-31-16731

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Drug Waste Disposal

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Total ul>: 20 in package

  • Zoom Diversion - provides a proven method of action against the sabotage and subversionActivated carbon formula quickly and safely makes prescription inert and non-removable when mixed with waterIdeal for drugs, antibiotics and hormone therapy, expired and unused medicationsTakes pills, capsules, liquids, creams, transdermal patches li>
  • Safe disposal -Add waste medicines in the bag, fill halfway with warm water, seal the container and toss in the trashThe package can be utilized in standard waste when they have been approved by local municipalitiesDecontamination begins as soon as water is added to the pouch li>
  • Reduced environmental impact - meets the modern requirements of EPA and DEA for the destruction of drugs and disposal li>
  • < strong> Maximum capacity of the bag or container ul>:
    Small EM> - 15 tablets or liquid oz60mL 2 or 2 patches
    Average EM> - 45 tablets or liquid oz180mL 6 or 6 patches
    Grand EM> - 90 tablets or 12 oz360mL fluid or 12 patches
    X-Large EM> - 450 tablets or 60 or 60 patches oz1L
    Container EM> - 1,400 tablets or 1,6 gal6L liquid or patches 185 li>
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