HCL Collection Receptacle H-19356-12515

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Hazardous Waste and Secure Drop Carts and Accessories

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  • Safe disposal -Drop box / collection receptacle is ideal for creating a safe place for the rest of removal media including vials, syringes or in part IV bags li>
  • Smart Designs - Open the drawer, drop the items destroyed inside, close the drawer and drop items into the container belowThe design prevents any from reaching into and removing content li>
  • Strong - Powder coated steel block has one waste silo (commercially available) li>
  • can be set in the wall or floor, to prevent unauthorized removal li>
  • Security b> - three seats for the padlock: near the top and bottom of the door and the drawer (sold separately) li>
  • This item will be delivered truck EM> b> li>
  • Dimensions b> - 24W x 4 H x 19D < / li>
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