HCL Class A or B Laser Labels for Condensed Blisters H-6123-14078

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Number B> - 40 labels on a sheet 100 of sheets in a box 4000 labels a total of (4 across and 10 down)

  • Proper Use - Blister / label combo meets USP class Package requirements a or BThe use of a class of Bubbles (7019 or 7079) or class B Bubbles (7007) li>
  • No interference -Foil paper label on topNone of the glue is applied on top of the oral medicine or raise your open tabs li>
  • Storage Label -Laser labels must be kept at a temperature of 70 ° - 80 ° F and 50% RH (± 5%) away from heat sources and not exposed to direct sunlightLabels must be kept in a room in which they will be printed at least 48 hours before printingNot for use with thermal printers li>
  • Online Label Printing Solution - Sign up for a free online program indicating HCL, by going to: GoHCLabelsom & NBSP and enjoy the benefits of fast, convenient pharmacy label printing using a desktop printer! Ready-made templates for a broad range of portioned HCL labels to save time and improve efficiency li>
  • Click Aging Research Icon below to view the 18-month accelerated aging studies for HCL Unit Dose Labels li>
  • Label Sizes -1 ½W x 13 SUP> 16 SPAN> font> 'H LI >
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