HCL Chemo Waste Containers, 2-Quart, Case H-20405-31-17707

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Chemo Waste

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Total - 60 in the case of

  • one-handed access - Features an opening wide mouth for disposal and closure type of equipment, users can easily maneuver with one handTemporary closure: one click; final closure: two clicks li>
  • Smart Design - insulin needle easily disengage from the integrated mechanism attached to the lid li>
  • Safe disposal - provides a secure method of chemotherapy waste removal by reducting the risk of needle stick injury and contamination li>
  • Dimensions -6 9 SUP> 16 SPAN> font>W x 8 9 SUP> 16 sPAN> font H x 6 9 SUP>? 16 SPAN> font>D li>
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