HCL Amber Security Bags for Half-Size Crash Cart Boxes, 22 x 14 H-7502-14127

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Number b> - 20 in the package

  • UV Light Blockage - Amber security bags to protect the light-sensitive drugs; bags made of a dark amber film that offers 90% UV Light Blockage li>
  • The locking Pronounced -Bag to protect the contents of the crash boxes and baskets to keep the exchange box unreliableA tear in the bag by the Decree on previous emergency or possible theft li>
  • Quick Indexing - in code situations bags open easily and quickly tore the highlighted perforations li>
  • Perforation - 1 center, 1 end li>
  • The thickness of the - 2 mil li>
  • Sizes: 22 W x 14H li>
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