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  • Breathe easier. This elegant, hypoallergenic pillow has a built-in barrier allergen, which protects you from bacteria, mold and mildew, which means you can sleep more restfully all night. Great for any sleeping position!
  • Take control of your allergies. This allergen shield attached to the fabric, so you do not have to worry about washing it. Hypo allergenic bedding, as it is recommended by doctors for the treatment of asthma and help control allergies.
  • Improved neck support. blades with multiple dimensions (only 17 x 22 inch pillow) helps ensure full neck support in most sleeping positions. Do not let the pain in the neck to slow down!
  • Take control of recovery. The pillow provides perfect relief for the cervical spine after spinal surgery, and headaches.
  • The pillow has a breathable cover alone is not noisy, uncomfortable cover to disturb your sleep. 100 percent hypoallergenic polyester fiber keeps its shape.
  • This pillow gives allergy protection airbags life
  • Easy to clean! Machine wash the entire pillow as often as necessary.
  • An attractive pillow fits easily in most standard pillow, pillow case although not required
  • UPC: 041298079040; 041298079071

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