Brazos Walking Sticks Hitchhiker Oak Walking Stick AM-602-3000-1108

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Walking and Mobility Aids

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  • If you are looking for solid wood canes with good looks and relatively light weight, you have come to the right place. This stick will welcome companion on your next walk or hike, hard or random, giving you a sure-footed safety as you go.
  • In contrast to the lifeless metal poles hiking stick is made of natural wood - selected oak tree with beautiful stained finish in red, brown or tan. This is a work of art from nature itself and a unique treasure, which no two are alike.
  • This is a great choice for walkers, tourists and collectors. Do not be surprised if people stop to ask you where you got it!
  • Handle Hitchhiker Brazos is original with its "thumbs up" profile and the characteristic rotation is also one of our own. Rubber tip on the bottom helps you get a good grip on virtually any surface.
  • Each stick is made in the USA skilled carpenters. Handmade, one at a time.
  • Made in the USA by experienced carpenters
  • Handcrafted, one at a time,
  • slip rubber tip; latex
    • sizing recommendations: 41 "for children up to 4'6"; 48 "for adults up to 5'4"; 55 "for adults between 5'4" and 5'11 "and 58" for adult higher than 5'11 "
    • The term of your limited warranty; UPC 840008010324, 840008010348, 840008010331, 840008010355, 840008010379, 840008010362, 840008010386, 840008010409, 840008010393, 840008012793, 840008012809, 840008012816

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