BD Vacutainer Safety-Lok Blood Collection Set wi AM-11-52121

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  • For the infusion and blood collection
  • activated shield
  • Manually, to fully cover the needle
  • After venipuncture, yellow transparent shield over the exposed needle is moved and locked in a defensive position, creating a barrier between the doctor and the used needle
  • does not include a Luer adapter
  • sterile
  • Safety Complies
  • Latex Free
  • Rx Item - available only by prescription b>

    Style: b> TD> Safety-Lok Blood Collection Set TD> TR>
    Color: b> TD> Light Blue TD> TR>
    Size: b> TD> 12 "tubing, 23 m x 3/4" TD> TR>
    Number: B> TD> 50 units / BX (also sold in the case of 4 BX / CA) TD> TR> TD> TR>
    Latex Free b> TD> TR>
    Rx Item - available only by prescription b> TD> TR> TABLE> FONT>

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