8oz-Simulated-Ultrasound-Blood 8oz Simulated Ultrasound Blood ,1 Each

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error risk reduction with practical training

  • Excellent teaching tool for the implementation and improvement of methods and psychomotor skills associated with ultrasound guided vascular accesses
  • the solid material has taktilnoga feel and puncture resistance human tissue
  • may be accessed and displayed from the top, side or bottom surface
  • has a small superficial vein midsize vein branches into two smaller vessels and large, deeply placed veins < / li>
  • Reusable phantoms can get thousands of times, and self-healing
  • Comes pre-filled with dirt-repellent simulated blood
  • Clean with warm water and mild soap and water and apply talc times of dry li >
  • in need of blood, to be replaced before use after 3-4 weeks of non-use
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