3M Nexcare Reusable ColdHot Pack AM-16-1570

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  • ColdHot packet contains a unique gel that rapidly chills at 5 degrees Fahrenheit, but does not solidify as ice
  • It crystallizes, allowing a cold compress to remain flexible at all times
  • It is very durable and can be reused many times
  • Easily cleaned with alcohol or soap and water and the gas can be sterilized
  • In order to be used as a cold compress, store in the freezer for two hours, wrap in a towel and apply
  • For use as a hot pack is immersed in a 3-quart boiling hot water for 7 minutes, wrapped in a towel and apply
  • Latex Free
  • Style: b> TD> reusable hot / cold pack TD> TR>
    Color: b> TD> blue TD> TR>
    Size: B> TD> 4-1 / 2 "x 10" TD> TR>
    Number: B> TD> 2 pcs / BX TD> TR> TD> TR>
    Latex B> TD> TR> TABLE> FONT>

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